Tribu- Better Together Framework

Self-Improvement for Team Success

What is Tribu- Better Together Framework? 

Better Together Framework is a science-based methodology developed by Tribu, a startup that helps technology companies improve the well-being and productivity of their individuals. 

This framework uses a set of questions called "Pulses" to measure individual members well-being (executives, managers and ICs) in five key areas called "Mind Radars"Mind Safety, Smart Work, Work Life Harmony, Goals That Matter and Burnout Prevention.

Better Together Framework starts with an initial assessment called "Tribu's Well Being" to provide an easy to understand Mind Radar to start a journey for self improvement. Through the continuous interaction with the framework, individuals receive personal and team advice to help them grow and improve, which ultimately leads to happier and more productive teams.

By using this framework, Tribu empowers team leaders, project managers, managers, supervisors, directives, and executives to help their teams become high-performance teams, with a focus on improving individual members of the team through self-awareness and self-regulation.

By scaling Tribu to an organizational level, companies can see significant benefits in several areas. First of all, individuals within the organization can experience greater well-being and job satisfaction as they receive personalized support in areas such as Mind Safety, Smart Work, Work Life Harmony, Goals That Matter, and Burnout Prevention. This leads to happier and more productive teams who work better together, resulting in increased collaboration, innovation, and job performance.

Second of all, leaders and managers can gain valuable insights into the well-being of their employees and can take targeted actions to improve their work environment and address any issues before they escalate; helping to build trust, increase employee retention, and reduce employee turnover costs.

Finally, by implementing the Better Together Framework, companies can increase productivity and overall performance, leading to potential financial improvements. A happier, healthier, and more productive workforce can directly impact a company's bottom line by reducing costs associated with absenteeism, turnover, and low productivity. Overall, by scaling Tribu to an organizational level, companies can create a culture of well-being and high-performance, leading to a more successful and sustainable business and teams.

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How does it work?

Start by using our Well-Being Radar

This is the first point of contact in the Tribu Better Together Framework, providing an overall assessment of an individual's well-being. It serves as a way to understand easily how someone is doing in the five radars: Mind Safety, Smart Work, Work-Life Harmony, Goals That Matter, and Burnout Prevention. Most possible issues impacting the balance of individuals are related to one of these radars.

Based on your pulses from the Well-Being Radar, you will receive suggestions to work on one or more of the radars. However, we strongly suggest answering all five radars to have your Tribu Well-Being Score and experience all the related benefits.

Step 2. Deeper Radars

Get deeper information across time for each Radar and corresponding Sub Radars to understand exactly how to improve next. 

Mind Safety in our Better Together Framework promotes a safe and supportive work environment, which includes feeling safe to take risks, trusting others, feeling respected, having open communication and a sense of belonging. It's crucial for employee well-being and productivity.

The Better Together Framework's Work Life Harmony radar refers to an individual's balance between their personal and work life. It encompasses components such as work-life balance, time management, flexibility, and boundaries.

Better Together Framework addresses burnout through stress management, self-care, time-off, and support, as it's a top pain point for companies and workers.

Better Together Frameworks defines Smart Work as the set of methods, systems, and tools used to complete work tasks efficiently and effectively. They can include processes, tools, workflow, automation, optimization and collaboration tools to help individuals and teams achieve their goals.

A key aspect of the Better Together Framework is defining goals as the compass for meaning and purpose. This includes performance, development, career, and alignment goals.

What's for me?

You will receive specific practical recommendations and best practices that can be applied daily. 

Follow them and track your progress periodically to witness how your life starts to improve!

What about my Tribu (Team)?

Here's where the magic can begin to spread! 

By scaling Tribu to an organizational level, individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations can experience financial benefits, including increased productivity and reduced employee turnover costs. 

Additionally, subscribing to Tribu for Teams and Leaders allows all peers to score themselves as individuals, and the team can see their team score, areas of improvement, and all the benefits for Mind Radars.

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View an example of our reports available in app on full version:

Tribu Weekly Report

Company Wide Wellbeing Report

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