Enable a Deeper Radar 

Get recommendations to improve specific areas

Each radar is composed of sub-radars.
Discover what exactly to improve next.

Suggested for: Individuals, Managers and Teams. 

Sub Radars

Pre Requirements:

Step 1. Enable Deeper Radar

On your Home Tab look for the "Extend Radar Further" button

Step 2. 

Select the radar you'd like to understand Deeper. 

For Reference, use our Radars description page

Use the Description and Pain as guide. 

Step 3. 

Tag your action. 

This will help you in the future for data analysis. 

Understand what works for you and what doesn't 

Step 4. 

Receive your pulses in your Messages Tab

Answer and get your rewards and score.

Step 5. 

Get your results and keep the improvement going! 



Now you know your strongest and weakest areas to reach balance. 

Enable a Deeper Radar on your weakest area to find out specific improvement actions