Tribu First Diagnose. 

Understand your overall work and life. 

Use Tribu for the first time! Calculate strongest and weaker areas.
Improvement comes next

Suggested for: Individuals, Managers and Teams. 

Impacted Radars

Pre Requirements:

Step 1. Initial Screen

After installation, you should see the Tribu app inicial screen on slack

Step 2

Click  on your radar notification 


The messages tab above

Step 3

Answer your first Pulse.

Or as many as you want. They will stay there until you answer any day. 

Step 4

Click on the Home Tab above to see your score and wellbeing.

Step 5

Enable a deeper radar to introspect and find specific action items.



Now you know your strongest and weakest areas to reach balance. 

Enable a Deeper Radar on your weakest area to find out specific improvement actions