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Understand your overall well-being in Tribu's Mind Map

Radar in numbers:

3 minutes to get initial score.

10 Pulses per user

100% Ideal Score
- Run it every 4 weeks if overall score is less 70%
- Run it every 8 weeks if overall score is above 70%

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Well-Being Score:

Well Being: This the first point of contact in the Tribu- Better Together Framework that provides an overall assessment of an individual's well-being. It serves as a way to understand how someone is doing and directs them to one of the five second level radars: Mind Safety, Smart Work, Work Life Harmony, Goals That Matter, and Burnout Prevention.

Well-Being Radars

Mind Safety - Mind Safety in our Better Together Framework promotes a safe and supportive work environment, which includes feeling safe to take risks, trusting others, feeling respected, having open communication and a sense of belonging. It's crucial for employee well-being and productivity.

Smart Work - Better Together Frameworks defines Smart Work as the set of methods, systems, and tools used to complete work tasks efficiently and effectively. They can include processes, tools, workflow, automation, optimization and collaboration tools to help individuals and teams achieve their goals..

Work Life Harmony - The Better Together Framework's Work Life Harmony radar refers to an individual's holistic balance between their personal and work life. It encompasses components such as work-life balance, time management, flexibility, and boundaries..

Goals That Matter - A key aspect of the Better Together Framework is defining goals as the compass for meaning and purpose. This includes performance, development, career, and alignment goals..

Burnout Prevention - Better Together Framework addresses burnout through stress management, self-care, time-off, and support, as it's a top pain point for companies and workers.

High and Low Scores

High Scores Meaning

Well Being is the overall foundation of a healthy and productive workplace, and its impact is felt throughout all levels of an organization. 

High levels of Well Being lead to a positive work environment, where individuals feel valued, motivated, and supported, which translates into higher levels of engagement, collaboration, and creativity. 

Teams benefit from increased cohesion, effective communication, and a shared sense of purpose, while companies enjoy higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and a positive brand image. 

Low Scores Meaning

On the other hand, low levels of Well Being can lead to negative outcomes for individuals, such as stress, anxiety, and reduced job satisfaction, which can lead to decreased engagement, low morale, and burnout. 

Teams may experience a lack of communication, conflict, and reduced productivity, while companies may face negative publicity, low retention rates, and decreased profitability. Therefore, investing in Well Being is crucial to create a thriving workplace that benefits everyone involved.

Whats Next? (For Individuals and Tribus)

Pulses for Well Being

You (and your Tribu) will measure your current overall Tribu's Well-Being level in less than 3 minutes by rating 10 simple statements (Pulses) answering Yes, Sometimes or No. 

Mind Safety:

Smart Work:

Work Life Harmony:

Goals That Matter:

Burnout Prevention:

Back up Research, Science data and References

Every Tribu Radar and Pulse are designed based in scientific studies, if you want to learn more here you can find some (of many, many) resources about the overall Tribu's Well Being scientific fundamentals

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View an example of our reports available in app on full version:

Tribu Weekly Report

Company Wide Wellbeing Report

Tribus Benchmark Report